As a DJ who is active weekly for the past 28 years he is best known for his DJ scratching skills and not only getting people on the dancefloor but also keeping them there!

DJ Superior has seen and done a lot. From Tour DJ of Nelson Freitas and rapper Winne, to weddings among Jandino Asporaat, Birthdays like that of Afrojack and soccer celeb Memphis Depay, to corporate events such as Vodafone and Festivals such as Latin Village, Dance Valley, Boothstock & Beatloverz to international bookings in Curacao, Surinam, Portugal, Spain, Kuala Lumpur back to the Netherlands finest and biggest Club events throughout the country.

But all of the above is just a short impression of DJ Superior's resume for he has done too much to mention!

If you're looking for a DJ that can get a party started AND going than DJ Superior is that DJ. He plays a wide range of music genres and has like a sixth sense of knowing exactly when and what a crowd wants to hear.

Book DJ Superior for your Club Night, Festival, Birthday Party, Wedding, or corporate event.




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