Kelly Ross is born in the Netherlands as Kelly Knol on May 15th 1989. From the moment she started walking all she would do is dance and make music.

In 2007 at the age of 18 she set up her own entertainment agency “Freakout Entertainment” for Models, Hostesses, dancers and Entertainment acts which she runned till 2013.


In 2012 she won the reality TV show “Oh Oh Europe” which aired on RTL5 in the Netherlands, winning €25.000


Although television was fun, music remained her main passion. Out of curiosity she took a DJ course a year later. She loved it and turned out to be very good at it too so from there on it all went real fast. She was asked to perform at different venues in the Netherlands and by summer 2013 she was already touring through Spain.


Kelly soon decided to leave Holland to travel anywhere and everywhere. She performed all over Europe from bars to clubs, as long as she could make her music and share it with the crowd. After a while of performing across Europe she decided to take her career overseas to the beautiful Island of Aruba. While living there she performed at large Caribbean festivals such as:

- Love Festival

- Electric Festival

- Neonsmash Festival (Aruba & Bonaire)


From there she managed to get gigs in the USA performing in Miami, Boston & Rhode Island where she still, up to this day has gigs every now and then. After returning to the Netherlands by the end of 2015 she came in touch with the Urban & Afro House Dance Scene, which totally caught her attention. At this point she knew she wanted to become more than just a house / EDM Dj. She started practicing with Urban songs in her Afro House sets loving every second of it, but that wasn’t enough…she wanted to become better at it! It was at this moment that Dj Superior noticed her enthusiasm and talent. He decided to give her Dj classes to teach her the art of DJ-ing and develop her talent and turn them into skills.


Kelly Ross is not only beautiful, talented and full of energy…but she is also super excited and with Dj Superior as her mentor she is now more than ready to show the world the Urban (R&B, Hip Hop) Eclectic side of her!






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